When Emus Attack!

This winter my girlfriend and I went on a short hike at Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge. It’s not too far away from Salem, OR and reportedly is a good place to see birds. It even has blinds and everything.

We were most of the way through our hike, about a mile away from our car, when we popped out onto the road to go to another trailhead. Down the road we could make out a brown figure coming towards us. It was in the way of a car and were walking strangely.

Now my eyes were like, “Yeah… That’s totally an emu.”

My brain was not so convinced. “No, dummy. We’re in Oregon in the middle of winter. No. Emus. Here.”

The car finally zoomed past the figure, which spooked it into running.

“EMU!” My eyes and brain screamed at the same time as I did. We hopped a fence, fleeing the ever nearing bird. We quickly made it back to the car with no incident. I guess the reports were correct. Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge: great place to see birds!

Rail Trail Loop Hike



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