This was my first foray into winter hiking and it was awesome! I was worried about going on a longer hike in the winter. Partially because it’s cold and weather can be unpredictable, but mainly because I was afraid of the possibility of trail closure. It’s no fun to drive an hour or so to a trailhead only to discover that part or all of the trail is closed.

So to satisfy my desire for longer hike, without being too far from the warmth of my car, I planned several short hikes. All of the trailheads were within a 10 mile range of each other, out in the Columbia Gorge. All the hikes were 1-2 miles round trip and included a waterfall for good measure.

My suspicion of closures was correct and one trail was closed due to a landslide (thanks winter). But the other 4 were open and icy! So slip-sliding we made our way to the 4 falls listed below. The great thing about waterfalls in the winter is that there is a lot more water than in the summer. Making for some impressive currents!




Multnomah Falls

Ponytail Falls

Elowah Falls

Wahclella Falls


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