Champoeg | The Chemeketans

Went hiking again with the Chemeketans! We went out to Champoeg, where Oregon’s government was first formed. We eat our bagged lunches at the visitor center, they were kind enough to set up a table for us. While we ate, we watched a short film about steamboats on the Willamette.

Back in the day you used to be able to flag down a boat to pick you up, much like hailing a cab. Here in Salem, there is a steamboat docked at Riverfront Park. You can ride the boat and even have brunch on it! However the boat is for novelty and not utilitarian in any way.

Steamboats fell out of popularity after better roads were built. Also, the Willamette River is famous for massive floods leaving most of Salem and Portland underwater. To help control the flooding, the river has been heavily dammed. Which means navigating very far along the river is not possible.

Hope you enjoyed that random history lesson.



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