Glamping Goals

I made a goal this year to go camping once a month. Read more about that here.

Planning my February camping trip was a hard one. I wanted to do something a little bit more interesting for Valentine’s Day. The problem was everywhere within a 3 hour radius was raining. I was checking the weather constantly trying to find some small patch of nice weather.

While I’m not usually deterred by rain, my girlfriend is a different story. Now, don’t get me wrong, my girlfriend loves the outdoors. But after our Mt. Hebo trip, the idea of spending all of Valentine’s Day in tent while it rained did not sound like a fun time to her. Which is fair, I dragged her out on a winter camping trip in Oregon without the proper rain gear.

So I did the most romantic thing I could think of, I bought her rain pants. Because what says romance more than a self serving gift that is the love child of a rain jacket and a pair of sweat pants. I also got her a pair of Marmot Lobo’s hiking pants, which are the most heavenly hiking pants I have ever worn.

Between my bouts of internet shopping for the perfect pair of rain pants, I saw it. A good weather forecast! Saturday was clear skies along the Mackenzie River. I booked a small cabin from a place called Holiday Farm Cabins, right on the river. More information on Holiday Farm Cabins here.

We started our trip by heading out to Terwilliger Hot Springs. The springs were great, unfortunately I hit terrible patch of road damaging some parts on the bottom of my car. Luckily my car was still drivable. One of the owners from Holiday Farm Cabins said he could removed the plastic part that was hanging limp from the bottom of my car.

His wife even offered to lend us their car while her husband worked on mine. We declined because it was less than a mile walk to the King’s Castle trailhead, where we planned on hiking. I can’t even say how great this husband & wife duo were, they went above and beyond good hospitality. Plus the cabin was so great and not every expensive for how nice it all was.

Due to car troubles we were only able to make it partially up the King’s Castle trail that day, but that didn’t really matter . Despite all the problems, we were having a good time.

Back at the cabin good times continued. We stated a fire and cooked dinner while watching the rain fall on river. Looking at all the fun knickknacks in the cabin was so much fun and led to the discovery of a complementary bottle of wine!

In the morning we drove up to a trailhead close to the top of  Castle Rock. We put on all our new rain gear and hiked up to the top. It was beautiful, even if clouds blocked every view. We both hope to get back to this trail when the weather is better.

This trip had a lot of hiccups, from bad weather to car trouble. Though it did not go smoothly and many people would not have considered it a “camping” trip, I am satisfied. I had fun, spent some good quality time in nature, and didn’t let the situation get me down. So, here’s to little adventures and misadventures.


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