Oneonta Gorge


Took a hike out to Triple Falls and looped back around to Ponytail and Horsetail Falls. The trail was a little crowded because it was a nice day, but I had beaten the hordes of people there and parking was easy. By the time I was done, the road between the Oneonta Trailhead and the Horsetail Falls Trailhead were packed solid with cars. It was kind of a mad house. People everywhere, trying to park and get to cars.

I was feeling sweaty, so I decided to poke around the Oneonta Gorge. It was still early spring, so the water was very cold and deep. Most people would get to the log jam and turn around. Up to this point I had avoided the Oneonta Gorge because it can get congested with people, but today it was practically empty.

I traveled up the gorge with fellow solo hiker and we only passed 1 or 2 small groups on their way out. At the falls we were the only ones there. Mist poured off the water, it was beautiful! Heading out I took a little swim, this was cold. When emerging from the water steam came off of my skin.

Shivering I exited the gorge, glad that I keep a spare towel in my car. Now if only I could always keep a warm drink in there, I would be set!


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