Henline Mountain

Did a little backpack training by hiking Henline Mountain in the Opal Creek Wilderness. The official trail is about 3 miles of wooded switchbacks. Raising 2000 ft of elevation to a nearly 360 degree view. It’s pretty spectacular.

There is a volunteer maintained trail that leads up to the actually summit of Henline Mountain. It is about 1 mile from the end of the official trail and gains approximately 1000 ft of elevation. I did this hike with a 25 lbs pack to get ready for some backpacking this year!

I was the first one at the trailhead, so there were no other hikers on the way up. Once I got back down to the main trail, I started seeing other hikers. Two older gentleman were sipping some wine near the top, celebrating one’s 80th birthday. I hope that I can be half as bad-ass and classy as they are!

I also stopped and chatted with a couple of volunteers on their way up to work on the unofficial section of the trail. This section of the trail is well maintained and easy to follow, but is narrower and steeper than the official trail. Thanks to all the people who keep the trails maintained for us!



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