Eagle Creek


We set out late Friday evening, since it was dusk there was no one on the trail. Tish Creek was super easy to cross, no problems there. We hiked until it was dark and set up camp just past the High Bridge. I noticed a small critter scurry about in the dark, so we half heartily hung our food bags to get them up off the ground.

The next morning I got up early and palled around, waiting for everyone to wake up. I noticed a cute chipmunk and watched it climb up to our food bags. I scared it away; it only got into a bag of trail mix. Soon there were multiple chipmunks running around the camp and they were relentless. We had to take down the food bags and someone had to sit guard over the food! We tried tossing rocks at them, hoping to scare them off. However they would run to the stones, thinking we were tossing them food. Clearly people had been feeding them, which is a bummer for camping near the critters.

We packed up camp, 1 bag of trail mix down and hit the trail. It rained most of the day, which kept the crowds away. Set up camp, including an extra tarp for cooking and drying wet clothes. Sans packs, we hiked down to the bottom of Tunnel Falls, which was awesome! We spent the rest of the day getting rained on, but we kept dry for the most part. On our way out the next day we had the best weather of the weekend. The sun even peaked out from behind the clouds for a bit.

Once we were off the trail we hit up Full Sail in Hood River for burgers and fries! So tasty!



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