Opal Creek

Camped in the Opal Creek Wilderness! Got rained on quite a bit, but stayed dry for the most part. We stayed in one of the dispersed camping spots and whoever stayed there before us left a mess. Plastic bags, boxes, propane canisters, and a rug to name a few. There was also a 5 gallon bucket, which we filled with as much trash as we could. I will say that I did enjoy the water logged rug, which I used to smoother the fire each night. But really who brings an over sized welcome mat with them camping? I digress, people going to keep leaving trash and I’m going to keep picking it up.

On the first day we hiked Henline Mountain, which is not in the video because I forgot my SD card at home. Whoops! I had to run home that evening to get it.  Anyways, it’s a pretty hard hike, but the views are great! Also, there were flowers blooming along the trail! Here is a video of Henline Mountain I took back in May.

The Next day we went out to Opal Lake. The gravel road drive was beautiful, as we had a break in the weather. At the trail head we had blue skies and the map said the trail was only 0.5 miles. When we got to the lake the water was still, but with in moments it was pouring with big gusts of wind. We got soaked on the way back to the car. I’m pretty sure the trail to the lake is longer than 0.5 miles.

By the afternoon we had the weather was on our side again and we hiked to Henline Falls. This is a nice short and easy hike with a sweet payoff. The falls are great and there is an old mining tunnel off to the right. The Henline Falls trail just reopened earlier this year. It had been closed to allow the forest to recover after a fire. You can see some remnants of burned wood and lots of saplings.

On the last day of our trip we hike out to Opal Pool and a waterfall no too far past it. It was too cold to get in the water, but we had sunshine all day! Great way to end the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Opal Creek

  1. Awesome pictures. I just moved back to Oregon from New Mexico and I got say I really missed the geology and beauty in almost every inch of the PNW. I may give Oneonta a go this week. Do you have an Instagram so I can keep up with your adventures?


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