My Cat Sets My Schedule

I had taken the Friday before Independence day off work to kick start a backpacking trip to the Wallowas. I got up and let the cat out. I figured some outside time would give us some time to finish packing. The cat cannot see us packing. This is important.

The cat has figured out that packing means 1 of 2 thing. Either she is going for a car ride or that we are leaving her, both of which she cannot stand. She has 2 tactics for this situation. The first is to be “heavy” which consists of becoming a rag doll and letting her body hang limply as you try to move her. Next she’ll look up at you with the cutest, saddest eyes that say, “Why?” Much like a child pretending to be sick to get out of going to school. When this doesn’t work, she’ll begin to yowl and try to escape. This sometimes works, but not today! She has no idea of our plans to leave for the weekend.

Once packing was nearly done we went to an early brunch with my cousin. When I got home I called for the cat. Usually she bounds up to the apartment any time I come home. When this doesn’t happen I’ll give and call and whistle and she’ll ramble up in a few minutes. I went into the apartment to finish packing.

In a perfect world we would leave in half an hour around 10 and leaving around 10:30 would not be the end of the world. We finish pack and 10 O’clock rolls around. No cat. I call her again. 10:30. No cat. Now I take a turn around the complex see if I can find her. I look under cars and decks and in bushes. No cat.

At 11 my girlfriend calls the cat. That little devil pokes her head out from under the neighbor’s car. We make eye contact and we both know she’s wise to the situation. She knows somethings up and she’s suspicious. We try to coax her to come in. But she give us a look that say, “No, thank you. I prefer it under this PT Cruiser.”

Now is a time for action! If she is not going to come to me. I will have to wrangle her, mono-y-mono, back into this apartment. It is at this moment that the garbage truck pulls up. All lit up with flashing lights and emitting beeping that indicates it’s backing up. My cat bolts around a corner and I chase after, but like in a good chase seen I turn the corner and… No cat.

Finally around noon she dares to show her face and I snatch her up. We head out. We hit traffic. Our 6 hour drive turns into an 8 hour drive. But once we get out into the woods, it really doesn’t matter anymore.


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