Coyote Wall | Long Distance Friendship

It was Friday and the end of the work day seems to drag on forever. With no weekend plans to speak of, hope was dwindling. Then I received a message beloved by hikers everywhere. “Want to go hiking tomorrow?” These beautiful, magical words glowed on the screen of my phone. I was saved!

My savior was my outdoor soulmate, Becka. It was she who inspired me to make outdoor videos. A person who’s badassery knows no end. Unfortunately she is a person who lives 287 miles from me. Luckily for us the Columbia River Gorge is what separates us and is the perfect place to meet.

We met up on the Washington side across from Hood River at the Coyote Wall Trailhead. The Coyote Wall Trail is in the Catherine Creek Area, which is popular in the spring time for fields of wild flowers and greenery. We, of course, went in the summer when the green fields had turned to gold and the wild flowers were exchanged for blistering heat.

The trail starts out paved, but soon we turned off the pavement on to the Little Maui Trail. As you rise with the trail you can begin to see Mt Hood. Then we cut across the Old Ranch Road to the official Coyote Wall Trail. From here we hiked up along the edge of the wall, which had some great views.

At this point my face was covered in dry salt, so we decided to take a snack break. We found one lone tree to escape the sun and wind. Once refueled we headed east on the Coyote Wall traverse Trail and then onto Atwood Road. Eventually we headed back down on the Labyrinth Trail. I was excited to see Labyrinth Falls, but no dice. The water had mostly dried up and the waterfall was down to just a few drips. So we rambled our way back to the cars.

After our hike we went to Big Horse Brew Pub for some well deserver burger and drinks! It’s hard being long distance with one of your besties, but sometimes you can hit the trail and pal around together!

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