Total Solar Eclipse | Henline Mountain


Roads End | Hidden Beach

After we hiked up to God’s Thumb we had a little picnic. Afterwards we headed to Roads End Park for a walk along the beach. If you go to the end of the beach at low tide you can get to a secret cove.

So, we walked along the edge of the cliff to get to this hidden beach. The outlet has some pretty cool rock formations, tide pools and a view of God’s Thumb. We only stayed on the beach for a little while because the tide was coming back in.

On our way back to the car we pasted a sea lion carcass. Which was sad, but interesting. I took a few pictures of it, but I did not get too close to it for fear of it suddenly coming back to life. Well now I’m thinking about seal zombies… And with that I’m going to end this now before it get more out of hand. Bye!

Snow Camping | Trillium Lake


Went snow camping for the first time. Learn some new skills and had a great time with a bunch of awesome women! We backpacked out to Trillium Lake in the Mt Hood National Forest. The trip was organized by PNW Outdoor Women Group (PNWOW), a self-explanatory facebook group. Through PNWOW happy hours and hikes, I’ve met some badass women. If you are interested in joining check out the facebook group, it’s a great resource for all you outdoorsy women!