Pup Creek Falls

I’ve finally made it out to Pup Creek Falls! I’ve had my eye on hiking the Clackamas River Trail for a while, but just couldn’t find the time.

It’s about 8 miles from Fish Creek Trailhead to the falls and back. This is not a popular hike; there were very few people on the trail. I guess I can see why, the trail is not very steep, not that long, and the road is paved all the way to the trailhead. You know, a real pain.

The trail runs along the river, it’s all a clear blue-green. Inviting you, “Come in and swim!” But, eww. Who wants to go swimming in a gently rolling creek? In the summer? Ugh… never.

And the trees… come on! Can you stop looking like a scene from Jurassic Park?   All tall, huge, and old surrounded by dense lush ferns. The forest needs to get over itself and stop trying to look ancient and mysterious.

Oh, and there is this waterfall, you know, whatever. It’s just this little canyon with a falls that you can easily climb up to small pool. No big deal. Most hikes have climbable waterfalls, so typical.

Anyways, can’t really say I recommend this one. What a let down after all that anticipation. Looks like I’ve saved you a bunch of time, so you’re welcome! 🙂