Snow Camping | Trillium Lake


Went snow camping for the first time. Learn some new skills and had a great time with a bunch of awesome women! We backpacked out to Trillium Lake in the Mt Hood National Forest. The trip was organized by PNW Outdoor Women Group (PNWOW), a self-explanatory facebook group. Through PNWOW happy hours and hikes, I’ve met some badass women. If you are interested in joining check out the facebook group, it’s a great resource for all you outdoorsy women!


Mary’s Peak

Mary’s Peak is the highest point in Oregon’s Coastal Range with exceptional views of the surrounding mountains. On a good day you can see Hood to Bachelor and everything in between. There was a clear warm day this winter so, we seized the opportunity.

There was more snow than expected, but luckily snowshoes were not needed. We had the east trail more or less to ourselves. Some people had driven up to the top parking to go sledding. It was very windy at the top, so we did not stay long. But the view was well worth it.