On Board

Replaced my old binding and got back on the mountain! Had a lot of fun and didn’t have any big spills! I did get a little dehydrated by the end of the day. I felt lightheaded for a few moments while I got some water and hot cocoa into me! Stay hydrated kids! Haha!



Getting My Snow Legs Back

This was my first time snowboarding in about 6 years! Definitely need to work on getting my snow legs back! Despite my wobbly legs I had a good time!

This was my first time to Mt Hood and it did not disappoint. We got up onto the mountain the day after the first really big snow, which was sweet! Now there were some downfalls to the night.

My old ass binding totally broke and I took a few big spills. No falls were due to the broken binding, just my lack of skill, haha! My head is totally glad I invested in a helmet. Safety first kids!

All in all, a good time. Can’t wait to get back onto the mountain.